How does Improving Primary Schools Together work for you?

The IPST staged process focuses on what is important… the pupils and their progress

The resource uses one common process with all stakeholders developing a consistent language and way of working that produces results.

IPST actively engages all stakeholders, so that they don’t feel that they are ‘being done to’.


IPST is the first resource and training package to address everyone’s needs

As a school leader you don’t always have the time to consider the qualities and expectations required of all stakeholders for them to be really good at what they do… IPST does this for you.

Our stakeholder charts explain how everyone contributes to relevant school initiatives.

Using IPST means that time spent together in meetings has a real purpose leading to positive impact

As a headteacher you can’t be hands on in every planning session and lesson ensuring the pupils are getting the best learning experience. However IPST delivers strategies that will enable structured meetings to lead to direct measurable outcomes, and produce records of evidence for you to monitor.


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