Our Story

How did Improving Primary Schools come to be?

Working with many headteachers I began to realise that what they are asking for is a sustainable process for school improvement that everyone in the school understands. As headteachers you know that staff are busy and hardworking, so changes need to be relevant, manageable and likely to be productive. I therefore designed a clear staged process that can be used by all staff, learners and governors. Developing strategies that focus on outcomes for pupils has a direct impact on the quality of teaching.

My Experience

I have been a primary school headteacher in 2 very different primary schools. Subsequently I wrote and led national training courses on behalf of Cambridge Education, DFEE, and the NAHT.

I have since worked as a coach, trainer and consultant in primary, special and secondary schools, with a particular focus on effective leadership.

Helenmary Stark, Director