What is Improving Schools Together?

It’s a training resource that leads staff and governors to reflect supportively on their impact and work together to extend it. It combines reference and training materials to provide permanent and bespoke support for different staff groups.

How is it organised?

It’s built around a simple and clear planning sequence in specific stages. This can be used at whole school, team and individual level
to plan for improvement and check progress in achieving it.

Each stage is broken down into modules for each staff group, including governors, headteacher, deputy/assistant headteachers, subject or phase leaders, SENCO, teachers, other adults and even learners themselves. Sitting behind every module for every different staff group are training materials for bespoke and flexible use.

How does it work?

There are lots of different ways of using it, depending on the needs of the school at that time. It can be used for whole staff training, team or individual self evaluation and action planning.

It works by helping you define the needs of the school, team or individual with the help of the modules and then linking them to the right training activities.

How will everyone find time for these training activities?

The activities are not additional to teacher or leader workload – they are fully focused on what those colleagues are already doing in your school.

The activities provide guidance on how to approach those everyday activities differently to make more impact. Each separate input is typically less than 5 minutes long and can be accessed at school or home by staff at any time.

Why is it different from other training or resources?

It’s completely different because it integrates development for every key staff group, and links leadership to teaching and learning. You know that everyone is working together with one supportive framework that is driving your improvement priorities. It is available to all staff all of the time, so the need to ‘go out on courses’ is dramatically reduced – the course is available whenever and wherever to whoever needs it!

Who can use it?

The resources are specifically and separately targeted at governors, headteacher, deputy/assistant headteachers, subject and phase leaders, SENCOs, teachers, other adults in the classroom and learners themselves. Modules also support midday staff in their role of ensuring learners are ready for afternoon lessons. It can be used by all of them together, as teams or individually.

How will we know that it is working?

Because the resource provides a process for your school improvement the evidence of its success will be seen in the raised quality of learning outcomes, classroom practice, teaching and leadership. Evaluation is built into every activity to ensure you get this feedback and evidence to demonstrate your success to each other and external audiences.

Can it help good staff and good schools to get even better too?

Yes, it is equally suited to all schools as long as they are seeking to continue growing further successes together. It supports schools in how to improve efficiently. What you wish to improve and who needs to be involved is up to you, supported by this process.

For more information please contact info@ipst.co.uk.